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E-Liquids are the best way to enjoy your vape device and DirectVapor is home to the largest e-liquid brands online. Our vape juice flavors will take you on a journey right from your very first hit. Our vape juice flavors will take you on a journey right from your very first hit.Best Vape Juices and E-Liquids for 2018 #1 Black Note Tobacco E-Juice. New vapers often look for the best tobacco vape juice blends. #1 Halo Menthol E-Liquid. Every e-liquid brand makes a minty or menthol vape flavor. #1 Cosmic Fog Fruits. Fruit flavored e-liquids are the preferred choice for.The 8 Best Vape Juices / E-Liquids / E-Juices in 2018 1. Om Vapors (Best Value for Money). 2. VaporFi (Safest & Most Transparent). 3. Naked 100 (Best Fruity and tropical flavors). 4. vista Vapors (Best Tobacco Flavor). 5. Mt Baker Vapor (Cheapest). 6. Liquid State (Best Dessert/Creamy Flavors)..Best Vape Juice of 2018 2 – Hannibal Nectar E-juice – Mixed Fruit Flavor. 3 – Smurf Cake E-juice – blueberry cheesecake flavor. 4 – Rainbow Crunch E-juice – fruit cereal flavor. 5 – On Cloud Custard E-juice – Vanilla Custard Flavor. 6 – Stoned Age E-juice – Ice Cream and Fruit Cereal Flavor. 8.

This video,, can also be seen at, we’ll stay away from quoting the Vaping Bogan but a brand new entry for the best e Liquid flavours to try in 2019 goes to Bogan Brews. From the mind of YouTuber, possible alcoholic and 100% potty mouthed punk the Vaping Bogan, Bogan Brews e Liquid is made in New Zealand and consists of 6 amazing unique flavours.25% Off ALL E-Liquids: Today we take a look at my top 5 favorite e-juice/e-liquid flavors. This wasn’t an easy list to come up with since there are so many good flavors, but.Although any e-juice will work to make vapor and provide the user with nicotine, the taste and quality of the vape juice is what really matters! This page details the most quality and best-tasting e-liquid in all the popular categories. Whatever you’re searching for, you can find the best of it here.Best E liquid 2019: set the vape juice loose Enhance the flavour of your vaping with the best e juice, e liquids and vape liquids for all your fruity cloud chasing needs Sign up to our newsletter.