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What Is Chemo Brain? If you or a loved one has undergone chemotherapy, perhaps you experienced a disconcerting phenomenon known as chemo brain. Also called chemo fog, this side effect induces changes in one’s thinking or cognitive function. This may manifest as forgetfulness, slower thinking, difficulty concentrating, or periods of mental confusion (fogginess).More than half of patients that receive chemotherapy report experiencing a cognitive fog. problems in cancer survivors. We are at last beginning to understand what role it does play, however. The.Long known to cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy as “chemo brain” or “chemo fog,” it is a. had moderate or severe cognitive impairment than the healthy women. In addition, lingering.Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause problems with cognitive (mental) functions, such as concentration, memory and the ability to multitask. Most chemotherapy patients experience these effects, sometimes referred to as "chemobrain" or brain fog, to some degree, although doctors are unable to predict who might be affected.Problems related to mental abilities are called cognitive problems. They occur when a person has trouble processing information. This includes mental tasks related to attention span, thinking, and short-term memory.Up to 75% of people with cancer experience cognitive problems during treatment.Chemo brain seems to happen more often with high doses of chemo, and is more likely if the brain is also treated with radiation. But because chemo brain is usually mild and most often goes away in time, chemo that’s proven to work against the cancer should not be changed to try to prevent this side effect. What’s being done about chemo brain?"Chemo brain" or "chemo fog. of the cognitive impairment and the underlying biological mechanisms are essential to the development of an effective treatment for chemo brain. Our work shows that a.Doctors used to dismiss patients who complained of brain fog. Why post-chemotherapy brain function issues are so highly varied is the “million-dollar question,” Meadows said. She and other.TOPIC: chemo brain: clear the Fog. REPORT: MB #4201 BACKGROUND: For years people with cancer have struggled with mental cloudiness that can occur during and after cancer treatments. Its exact cause is not known, and it can really happen at any time when you have cancer, but this mental fog is commonly known as chemo brain.

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