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This video,, can also be seen at hair is a challenge, which is why bleach and other lighteners are required to do the work. lemon juice is a natural. “Once henna is in the hair, it’s always there. It does fade and grow. · Hairprint is much more messy that a color you would buy at the store and it’s much messier than a professional color applied at home or in the salon. The reason is the consistency. It expands and easy drops off the brush. As it expands it becomes much less likely to drip but I found it to be a bit of a challenge to work quickly, as the. · I’ve used Hairprint several times now, and it claims to actually “find” the exact pigment molecule of your true hair color and restore your hair to its natural color, and I can say that it really does. Looks totally natural. It only is available for brunettes, presently.”Hairprint is a small science-based company in Sausalito, California. We began working with Dr. John Warner four years ago to create a non-toxic method to restore gray hair to its natural color. Dr. Warner co-founded a scientific discipline called green chemistry, which.”The results of our studies have shown that the system does have potential to assist in migration of salmonids. Future. · I wanted to give you an update after using Hairprint for about 2-3 months now. I am still a fan. And I feel lucky that this product was invented in my lifetime. It’s not perfect, but in my opinion it’s the best, safest thing out there. I’ve been having some trouble with it covering my resistant grays and this is the feedback I got from the company:Hairprint works with your natural chemistry and will color your hair to its true color as of today. Pretty much whatever color your eyebrows are is a good indicator of how Hairprint will work for you. Gray coverage. Great for people with dark hair who are trying hide gray roots. blonds!How does Hairprint restore hair color. products and processes that have reduced impact on human health and the environment. For his pioneering work, Dr. Warner was awarded the Perkin Medal in 2014,